Hi, I’m Natalie! 

Coolinary Kitchen is a New York City based health coaching and kitchen consulting company. I help individuals and families meet their personal goals in the kitchen. I believe that food is medicine and that everyone has a different health journey. I help people stop feeling guilty about food and thinking about eating in terms of dieting. No one diet fits all for good health. Through health coaching sessions about proper eating and meal preparation, private cooking instruction, meal plan development, and pantry organization I can help you where ever you need it most.

 How Coolinary Kitchen Came About…

As a Latina I grew up surrounded by food 24/7. No wonder I love eating it, talking about it, and of course making it. Some Latin foods were extremely delicious (roast pork!), but not at all good for you. So I as became older I became wiser about my eating. Focusing on what I was eating and how it affected my body and the environment. I enrolled at the Institute for Transformational Nutrition and have become educated about how nutrition is connected scientifically, psychologically and spiritually.  Now I eat differently. I don’t call myself a vegetarian (although I mostly eat that way) or follow any fad diets (raw, paleo, gluten free). I just try to eat the healthiest and most nutritious ways I can and help others do the same too. I let food be my natural healer and allow it to nourish me from the inside out.

For awesome recipes and tips feel free to check out my blog: www.positivelygoodfood.com